“After major back surgeries, followed by months and months of physical therapy, I needed something stronger for a means to locate and develop core strength and to finally find “balance”. Revolution Training Fitness is helping me achieve these goals. With individual training sessions and Tai Chi, I am strengthening on a daily basis!”
– Judy Hejza

“With Gina as my personal fitness trainer, I feel a deep core strength, relief from spinal pain, and increased energy.”
– Linda Belfield

“At age 51, I never thought that it could be possible to feel stronger and healthier that I felt at age 31…but I do! I know that it is because of Gina and Revolution Training & Fitness. During class, we all support and encourage each other.  Gina continually finds new ways to motivate and strengthen our bodies and minds! THANKS GINA!”
– Kris LaRose

“Joining the Revolution gave me opportunity to participate in a high-intensity workout, something I was looking for as someone that participated in athletics through my collegiate years. Gina is the type of trainer that learns what your ability is and pushes you to exceed and improve, all while still making you feel comfortable and motivated. The results are clear and you always want to go back and do it again!”
– Jill Ditullio

“Working with Gina on my fitness goals has been a great experience. She is both encouraging and supportive. My personal training and classes are challenging and creative which makes working out fun. Her knowledge of the fitness industry is very rewarding and I value her expertise. If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you – together we are filling the space.”
– Cookie Butcher

“With Scoliosis, back pain, Sciatic nerve pain, lack of flexibility and mobility, at 68 years old, I have received the best gift from my daughter, Julie, to experience Personal Coaching from Gina at Revolution.  The atmosphere is calm and relaxed also non-confrontational.  Gina has her client’s best interest at heart ~ she is there to help.  Our mind, body, and spirit are all connected and it’s our responsibility to maintain them.  Working out at Revolution is a much better option than meds or surgery!”
– Kathy Snyder

“I started with a weight loss competition with a buddy. I lost over 50lbs and Won!! It was then that I realized I wasn’t done with my fitness journey. I found enjoyment in working out and feeling fit. My Trainer pushed me (as they do) to excel and the feeling grew deeper of accomplishment. I started running in MANY 5k races, progressed into half marathons, but, when I completed a full IronMan in Lake Placid I knew the importance my Core Training had taken me! Revolution is a unique environment where you will engage every body part with every workout!”
– Dominic Ciliberto

“I have been a member of Revolution Fitness for over two years now and could not imagine life without the gym, Gina, and my fellow classmates.  I have trained in different facilities for years, but Revolution has changed my life.  It is a joy to work out at Revolution with its friendly members of all ages and capabilities, and also the gym’s small, private atmosphere that makes it easier to focus on the work that you need to accomplish to make it to your goals. I feel healthier emotionally and am in better shape than I have ever been in my life!

Most importantly, Gina is the absolutely fantastic trainer and motivator that everyone needs in life!!!! She truly knows how to train to her client’s needs and capabilities. I trust her implicitly- I have since brought my Mom to the gym to start personal training with her! I knew Gina was just the experienced trainer I wanted to work with my Mom who had never worked out before and had several contraindications. Revolution will help achieve whatever results you are looking for!”
– Julie Snyder

“My snowblower will not start! I have 3′ of snow in a 100′ driveway, but , because of the great workout programs at Gina’s Revolution this 66yr old guy was able to shovel out without a problem.”
– Fred Stamm