We at Revolution have one goal in mind. Core First! Every movement starts from YOUR Center and strengthening your core muscles makes all other efforts in your life easier. With over 18 years of experience, Gina will show you how to find and strengthen your center. Gina, with her experiences of training Pro Athletes, MANY spinal and other joint, muscle issues, there is little that she has not encountered over the years that have not improved. The mood stays light and fun and before you know it, YOU ARE a Stronger YOU!!

“Starting my own gym with you in mind makes my job easy. I love the satisfaction of the progress that is achieved on a daily basis. The Members of Revolution are the testament for what we stand for. Give it your all and reap the benefits!” – Gina Nowak, Owner

Kyra Edmister

I started really getting serious about my health almost 6 years ago. I was a smoker and was beginning to really feel the effects of that! I decided I wanted to feel better and get back in shape, I quit smoking and starting running within the same week in 2011!  After running quite a few races including 3 Marathons, I knew there was something missing from my training routine!  

I joined Revolution Training & Fitness and everything changed. I instantly felt a sense of community and felt very empowered to push myself to the next level. This gym is the place where I have been able to get serious about my fitness goals and really feel good about myself.

I had been saying for quite some time that I would love to be a trainer or an instructor of some sort. When I was given the opportunity to get certified for Cycling in 2016 I jumped right on it! Instructing has taught me to meet people where they’re at, to believe in myself, and be grateful for what I have been given!  

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Amy Waters

Exercise has always been my way of keeping balance in my life. My goal is for you to have a great cycle ride experience that challenges you and leaves you feeling great. This is your ride, let’s make the most of it.  Let’s go!!

Tracy Grzebinski

For years I have had some sort of a fitness regimen, being a member at 4 different gyms throughout the past two decades. Even though I was at a gym, I struggled to be committed and didn’t have a leader to help me take my fitness seriously.
It wasn’t until I joined Revolution Training Fitness with Gina that I really felt like I was a part of a family and began to see real results. I gained muscle, which in turn, helped to improve my running times and ultimately allowed me to successfully complete my first marathon as well as many other races.
Being fit and healthy has really helped with my self confidence. If you would have asked me even a year ago about becoming a fitness instructor, I would have emphatically said’ “no way”! Only in my dreams would I have thought about teaching a fitness class. Yet now, I get the pleasure of teaching the other members of the Revolution’s fitness family. It definitely was a challenge and with hard work, God’s help, as well as an amazing support system that cheered me on, I received my certification.
I am looking forward to helping others to become fit and healthy – allowing them to gain the self confidence to tackle their life challenges.
“She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong” – Proverbs 31:17

Andrea Haseley

I joined Revolution Training and Fitness almost 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. I wanted more for myself because I finally realized I was worth it. It was now time for some “me time”. I am now doing so many things I never thought I could do. It was in me all along, I just needed Gina to drag it out of me and boy has she!! I have made a great group of friends of men and women who love to challenge and push themselves to achieve their fitness goals as much as I do. It is so nice to be a part of a team that help, encourage and inspire each other. At some point everyone struggles with motivation but at Revolution we all motivate one another to do that extra push up, or add that extra weight or even just to partner up and come to class on a nice day. I’m proud to say I get to be that Motivator as I am now a Certified Les Mills Sprint Instructor thanks to Gina for believing in me and the support of my friends and family. I’m looking forward to helping others achieve their goals and become who they believe they can be.
“She believed she could so she did” – R.S. Grey

Julie Snyder

Hi Revolution Friends!  I have spent years training to help YOU train! I am a police officer of 14 years, law enforcement defensive tactics instructor for 12 years, former competitive boxer/ personal trainer, and mom to a beautiful (and active!) 9 year old daughter.  It is my #1 priority for you to walk out of my BodyPump or BodyCombat class with the skills and energy to keep your workouts going until you have crushed your fitness goals!!!

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

Amy Scapelitti

As a High School Counselor, my daily rewards are endless! Being a part of students’ four year journey, helping to guide them in the direction of their passion, watching the growth that unfolds and helping to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in life’s next big adventure inspires me. Aside from my three children, another thing that brings me joy and fulfillment is fitness and exercise. I am an avid runner but also enjoy almost all avenues of fitness as well, weight training, functional style training, and most recently earning my certification in LesMills BodyCombat ( a mixed martial arts inspired cardio workout). I can’t wait to watch members grow, and come together in fitness. Now more than ever we need each other to inspire, motivate, and persevere through all that life throws our way. United we stand in health and wellness!

Shanna Klumpp

For as long as I can remember, sports have been a part of my life. My dad, at a young age, taught me the value of staying in shape as he’s challenged me to push myself to reach my goals. I’ve always enjoyed competing and as Kevin and I got married and started our own family, we knew that encouraging Mak and Colin to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically fit would be extremely important. I now Coach a HIIT Cycle class at Revolution where I can unleash my passion in movement! Meeting Gina and the Revolution Team is exactly what I needed! I have recently earned my Group Training Certificate and am now working toward my Personal Training Certificate. As a teacher by trade, I’ve really found it enjoyable to lead classes and encourage others to reach their goals.
Come take a class by any of Gina’s staff! It’s truly a family here at Revolution!